Game Guide for Score Hero

Score Hero is a sport that is in constant motion, and there are a lot of iOS soccer games that try to depict the 11 on 11 action on the entire field. Score! Hero is a new iOS soccer game Score Hero that focuses on the strategy of soccer by focusing the action on the ball. Rather than using virtual joysticks and buttons to dribble, pass, and shoot the ball, Score Hero android is all about contemplative touch controls. Score! Hero turns soccer into a puzzle game, so that the action freezes at key moments, and then you draw paths to direct the ball.

Score! Hero

You start the game Score Hero by choosing a footballer. You’ll lead him through his career, changing teams, trying to break into the national squad, and kicking or heading the ball whenever you get the opportunity.

Every game Score Hero is essentially a puzzle to solve. The match pauses at certain sections and you have to swipe the screen to pass the ball or shoot. The controls are responsive, and you need to curl the ball and think about each kick.

You can spend the cash on refilling your energy, re-taking shots, and changing the look of your hero.

You don’t just control the kicks of your hero though, you need to pass to other players and set up situations where you can fulfil the star-rating-giving challenges of the level.

Each move has to end in a goal, and if you fail to score you’ll have to use up some energy or currency to have another go. In matches with multiple chunks of play, failing one will see you heading back to the start.

Score Hero game

Managing to score after messing up a few times does make you feel pretty special, but having to go back and score goals you’ve already smashed into the back of the goal with style and finesse does take the shine off things a little.

You can spend the cash you earn on customising your hero with new haircuts, beards, and other accessories. They don’t make any difference other than a stylistic one though.

Boot up

As free to play sports games go, Score! Hero is by no means the worst. Yes, there are wait timers and currencies, and videos to watch, and the way the design is changed by the monetisation system can be frustrating.

But the actual core mechanic is surprisingly pleasing. You might not have much control over the outcome, but there’s still something genuinely thrilling about swiping through a perfect through-ball to set up another one of your players.

And for that alone it’s definitely worth giving a go. If you’re a football fan and you’d like a game that doesn’t require that much commitment, Score! Hero fits the bill perfectly.


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