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If you want to grow a beard in Score! Hero, it’ll cost you $5. That’s the modern reality of free-to-play video games: if you want to be bog standard, clean shaven and ordinary, you can play without parting with cash, but if you want to inject some personality into your play and unlock all the bells and whistles, you’re going to open up your wallet, virtual or otherwise.


To be fair to the latest version of Score! Hero, that $5 can be (and readily is) earned through play and, indeed, from a purely structural level, the way the game’s swipe-based gameplay has been married with an energy system and in-app purchases actually works rather well. This is a sports simulation broken down into bite-sized nuggets of play, where you can beat Bayern Munich in 30 seconds or, if fate deems it it to be the case, lose by three or four goals to the German giants just as quickly.

It’s important to point out, in fact, that Score! Hero is played out almost entirely on rails. Every match of football you take part in, every single result, is already determined before the first whistle has even been blown, yet developer First Touch Games still manages to make you feel entirely invested in the action as you guide your player from reserve team obscurity up through the ranks to become a global superstar.

Doing so is just a matter of swiping. Like the original Score!, which charged you with recreating famous goals move by move, your sole input is to draw a line on the screen from the player in possession of the ball to where you’d like the ball to go. As soon as you’re done swiping, the game kicks into action, replicating your input with how the ball might travel in a real match. Successfully make a pass and the game will switch to the new man in possession, and you’ll then be charged with making your next move.

Unlike the original Score! release, there’s a certain amount of fluidity in just how these little snippets of action progress. It’s entirely possible – and often preferable for pure entertainment reasons – to pass the ball to any of the players within range rather than the most obvious one, and while Score! Hero has a script prepared for every eventuality, there’s a certain amount of satisfaction that blooms from making a successful play in an unexpected way, shooting and scoring from way, way out or, conversely, piecing together and intricate passing move when taking a shot appears to be the most straightforward course of action.

Things can, of course, go wrong, and when you make a pass that doesn’t come off, you’re presented with two options; you can either use one of your aforementioned dollars (amassed automatically from successful stages or from watching video ads) to rewind the last pass or shot you made, or you can simply let the game take you back to the start of the match, which itself drains some energy from your meter.

In early stages, it matters not just which you opt for. Dollars build up quite easily and the opening matches and most of the moves you’re charged with making are simple to pull off. The more difficult the game gets, however, with moves comprised of a whole host of different passes, the more likely you are to drain all your life just on one match. It’s here that players have to decide whether to part with some real cash or not, but for those who don’t, waiting 15 minutes or so for the energy to start to build back up again is no great challenge.

Perhaps more confusing for many players, however, is that the scripted nature of all of the games in Score Hero means that there are many matches you simply won’t win. Tracking your career from one club to the next, Score! Hero manages to convey the highs and lows of your average football club (and your player’s role within it) with just a few headlines before each match and some intentionally succinct commentary as the players stride onto the pitch, all enabling it to paint a surprisingly detailed picture.

Piece all these elements together and you have a football game that, arguably more so than your FIFAs and your Pro Evos, gives a glimpse into the world of your average up and coming footballer, delivering a simple control method wrapped up in matches perfectly packaged for the mobile generation. Just get saving up those dollars if you want to grow a beard for your starring role on the pitch.


Though play is kept to a series of simple swipes, Score Hero download manages to convey the peaks and troughs of a footballer’s entire career, from unglamorous beginnings to the very heights of the sport all via short and sharp matches made up of just a few moves within each game. Broken down into small slices of action, Score Hero arguably offers a more authentic take on football than FIFA or Pro Evo.


Score Hero – How to get more free cash

Score Hero is a unique form of soccer game for the iOS platform. Instead of playing an entire soccer match, you are thrust into various situations within a match, and your goal is to make the right sort of shots to score and succeed in order to beat the round. Read on for some tips  for Score Hero.

How to get more free cash?

Progressing through the game is the easiest way to do it, but you can also watch ads every now and then for free cash: just keep an eye out for a camera button on the mission screen and when it shows up, watch the ad for one free cash. Also, make sure you connect your game to Facebook when asked and you will get 5 free cash!

Score! Hero7

Always try to kick the ball

Always try to kick the ball to the top of the goal as well, making it harder for the goalie to jump for it, and impossible for the goalie to do anything other than that. Kick it too low and he’ll just dive or slide to stop it. Keep it high and he will have an extremely hard time doing anything about it.

Don’t use your hard earn cash to rewind.

Even though you lose a bit of energy every time you skip a rewind – and in later, multiple layer stages, this can get pretty frustrating, don’t waste your hard earned cash on that and instead wait to get all the player customizations that you want. Keep an eye on the rewind button, though, because sometimes you will be rewarded with free rewinds – and that’s something you want to take advantage of.

Score Hero game

Practice to hit the corners

It’s basically the top or bottom corner that will be required as goals in most of the missions that you play Score Hero game, so try to master those shots and never try anything else. Remember that the easiest corner to score is the one the keeper is farthest away from, so even if the player that’s about to shoot seems to be in a more comfortable position to aim for one direction, you can always choose the right one: make sure you do so because there will be no penalty!

Use the cameras to your advantage. You can pinch and zoom, or you can zoom in to get a more detailed look at what you’re doing. Swipe along the top half of the screen to turn the camera and see who you have available to kick the ball to.

Replay stages over and over again.

Sometimes, you will need a bit of luck to get all the three stars. Sometimes you will need a different tactic, but one thing is clear: you can only get there by playing over and over again. It’s 90% sweat and 10% luck in Score Hero, but it’s an extremely enjoyable ride!


Download and play Score Hero today for free

Score! Hero is one of those football games that cuts the beautiful game into tiny little snatches. Those little moments in each match that change the outcome one way or another. Score Hero is the new soccer game by the award winning First Touch Games. The game is focused on the strategy and complex controls rather than just dribbling the ball, pass or goal. There is a puzzle twist in the game where it freezes for a while and you have to strategically make a path for the ball to go through it straight into the goal. This puzzle twist in the game makes soccer even more interesting and unique. The path drawing requires you to make the path for the ball including the twist and turns, movement of the players and kicks.

Score Hero

This game is free to play, but additional content and in-game items may be purchased for real money. To disable In App Purchases, go to Settings/General/Restriction.

Hero Bux can be earned during gameplay or gained by watching videos, but can also be bought in packs ranging from $0.99 – $29.99

This app uses wifi or mobile data (if available) to download game content and advertising. You can disable mobile data usage on this game from within Settings/Mobile Data.

Score Hero game

Score! Hero requires more thought than quick action, so you will want to take into account each factor of every shot. Players only have a certain cone of vision, and you need to recognize the flow of the other players to try to put a ball into proper position. The most important thing is that you’re not swiping to kick, and instead want to draw the path right to where you want the ball to go, kind of like Flight Control. The path drawing lets you lead your players, as well as bend your kicks, so that you can get a feel for the strategy of soccer. There’s a great 3D graphics engine to depict the soccer action, and it’s especially great to see successful shots with included replays. The game is free to play with a heart meter that depletes with every mistake, and Hero Bux in-app currency that you can use to rewind a given level right before a mistake. You can burn through bucks and energy quickly, and it can be frustrating to not be able to play more without spending on consumable currency.

 Score! Hero (Free, Universal) is an all new way to play soccer that kicks the strategy elements of the sport into high gear making it well worth picking up. Score Hero (Free, Universal) is an all new way to play soccer that kicks the strategy elements of the sport into high gear making it well worth picking up.

Score Hero download simple, easy. With Android you catalog the Google Play, with   Iphone on the App Store, in the search box enter the “Score Hero”, clicking “download”,  wait and download.


Score Hero Cheats and Tips

Let’s see how you can easily become a superstar in the football world – and become one fast: App Amped’s Score! Score Hero game cheats and tips are here!

Score Hero

Use the zoom in and camera moves

In many occasions, especially later on in the game Score Hero, the best player to pass the ball too might not be immediately visible in the default view. Therefore, it is important to use the zoom out feature and move the camera to see all the players and decide which one’s in the best position to get the ball.

Focus on beating a stage, then ace it

It’s pretty obvious that in every stage your goal is to score. So make sure you do that, without worrying too much on how you do it: even one star is better than none! Then, after completing the stage, you will know exactly what the requirements are and you can – and should – replay them over and over again until you ace them. Some are more difficult (like those requiring you to hit the post) but they are all doable. Don’t stress too much on 3 starring all levels: the developers don’t have insane requirements to unlock all levels, so you don’t have to ace everything in the game Score Hero!

Score Hero android

Sometimes it’s best to wait and build up play

It’s not uncommon for me to have 7-8 or even more passes before finally getting into a good shooting position. So don’t be afraid of passing the ball short and often until you finally get that opening that you really need.

Learn to curl your shots

It’s really difficult to do and at times I am having the impression that the game Score Hero doesn’t work flawlessly when it comes to curling your shots, but you should still do your best to get it there. Curled shots are more difficult to parry and result in more goals. Simple like that!

Watch the video ads like crazy

Initially, I wanted to get the dollars to customize my players, but pretty soon I understood that it doesn’t hurt to have some bucks to rewind and give a phase a new try, especially in really difficult situations where you’ve barely made it to the end. The game Score Hero is fortunately not shy on giving you a ton of ads to watch – so do so every time you have a chance!

Purchase unlimited lives!

The best offer, in my opinion, is the unlimited lives pack that gives you just that for 24 hours straight. Unlimited tries is, clearly, not as good as unlimited rewinds, but it’s still amazing and you can ace a ton of levels, including the really difficult ones since you don’t have to worry about having to wait later on. I recommend getting your first one when you reach season five – and make sure that you play like crazy to take the most out of it!

Try out different strategies

You might consider a particular approach the perfect one, but it might not be the case and a pass to a different player could change the play completely. If things are not going as well as you’d like them to, even after a few attempts, try switching the strategy and use different players: sometimes, even a longer or shorter pass, or a ball sent a bit more to the left or right can have a completely different outcome on the play.